We Write.

We Think.

We Plan.

We Design.


Schemata designs spaces of all sizes and types to accommodate users needs while presenting them through unique forms which resonate with their specific function.

We Teach.


Having one foot in the academy and one in practice allows us to remain relevant in the discourse of the day while lending elements of practicality to our work.

Image Credit: Christina Graydon

Schemata was conceived as a practice of design, rather than the transposition thereof. We seek to investigate conditions that at once both pervade and elude one’s consciousness, realizing their potential in physical space.


It is a delving into the brackish confluence of cultural understanding and spatial sequence. We use a palette in which time and memory are our favorite colors.


We embrace a broad range of inquiries which hold the potential for enhancing or altering one’s perception of his surroundings. In dual roles as educators, we fold teaching into the traditional model of practice. Projects often find resonance in applied research. Our work attempts to reconcile the disjunction between academic inquiry and the world in which we live.